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How to get Certificate?

If your adventure with ECDL is just beginning, see the content below:

step one

Step 1

Selection of the certificate

Before you start taking the exams, you first need to choose the certificate you are interested in.
You can choose from a wide range of certificates, described here.

step two

Step 2

Creating an account in the system

Creating an account in the eECDL.pl system is free and can be done by anyone with an active e-mail address. Each candidate is required to create an account before taking the exams. With this account you can:

  • Get familiar with the ECDL statistics
  • Find the nearest Regional Coordinator, Examination Center or Laboratory
  • Read the exam results
  • Pay for and schedule your exam
  • Generate a confirmation of passing the exam (s) (ECDL Core / Start only)

You can set up an account by going to the system’s website at www.eecdl.pl

Here you will find instructions on how to do it.

step three

Krok 3

Exam fee

You pay through the examination system! Nothing easier:

  • log in to the system (www.eecdl.pl), then enter MENU -> select the exams that interest you
  • go to PAY FOR THE EXAM
  • go to the payment website (platnosci.pl) and select the method of payment
  • Take the coupon that you will receive to your e-mail address with you to the exam

If you have a voucher for ECDL exams:
before taking the exam, be sure to report this fact to the Polish ECDL Office by sending the following information to the address biuro@ecdl.pl:

  • your voucher number
  • PESEL number
  • write which module you have chosen
  • send the voucher by post to the address of our office (PB ECDL, 00-394 Warsaw, ul. Solec 38 lok. 103)

Remember that if you have a valid school or student ID card or you are a 60+ pensioner with a pensioner ID card, discounted prices apply.

step four

Step 4

Arranging the date of the exam

Contact one of our partners to arrange the place and date of the exam. You can contact:

You can also contact us using the form, by e-mail or by phone, as convenient for you.

Each of the above-mentioned persons will provide you with detailed information and help you through the further examination procedure. If you do not know which certificate to choose for yourself, visit www.ecdl.pl or contact one of our Regional Coordinators.

If you have any questions, write to us or call us. Here you will find contact to all people who will be able to help you.